5.0 Neutral Glass Tubing


5.0 Clear Glass Tube for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Due to influences of temperature, humidity, air, light and microorganisms, the stability of the drug would change all the time. The borosilicate glass tubes produced by Triumph Junheng are characterized by low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability. The low expansion coefficient of it make it has the characteristics of being free of solid or liquid matter consisted of other chemicals factors. It has good protection and safety, and is the best choice for various kinds of medicine and various biological preparations, blood coagulant products, vaccines and freeze-dried preparations.

Glass Composition (approximate oxide weight [%] 


Physical Properties 


3. Chemical Resistance Classifications


4. Viscosity Curve — Characteristic Temperatures


5. Ampoule tubing of JHHB-50



6.Vial tubing of JHHB-50




7. Standard Packageg


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