Steel Drum Machine


We are a professional manufacturer of steel drum production line in China. Our machines have been exported to over 10 countries like Korea, Hazakhstan, Africa etc..

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Steel Drum Production Machines


Steel Drum Production Machine Decoiler
Coil width: about 1000mm
Inner diameter of steel coil: ¢380-¢500mm
Outer diameter of steel coil: ¢1000-2100mm
Bearing capacity: about 5t


Steel Drum Production Machine Three Roller Rolling Machine
External dimension: L = 2,500, W = 2000, H = 1,500
Weight: about 350 kg
Power voltage: AC 380 V
Material type: Low carbon steel, etc
Material thickness: 1.0 – 2.0
Material width: 1,000
Drum radius: 150 – 400


Spot welding machine for steel drum productoin
Rated capacity:75 KVA
Max thickness of workpiece:3.0+3.0(mm)
primary voltage: 38010%
Electrode maximum pressure:>300kgf
Cooled water consumption:350liters/hour
Fastest welding speed:60times/minute


Steel drum manufacturing equipment straight seam welding machine
Rated power :3*150kva 380v 50HZ
Welding speed:16m/min
Drum diameter range:460-571.5mm
Material Thickness range:0.8-1.5mm
Compressing air pressure:0.6mpa
Maximum production rate:720pcs/h
Drum length range:470-1100mm


Corrugation machine for steel drum manufacturing
Length Of The Sheet    : 2500mm/3000mm/3660mm. Max
Width Of The Sheet: 762/914 /1000mm
Thickness Range Of Sheet:0.14mm To 0.45 mm
Power:15kw, AC, For Type A 3 Phase
O.D. Of Corrugation Rolls:380 mm (25 Rods, diameter 16mm)
O.D. Of Pinch Rolls : 317 Mm.
Production Capacity: 1.5-18 Meter Per Minute.(One Sheet Once Time)


Grooving Machine for Steel Drum Production
External dimension:L = 4,000, W = 700, H = 1,200
Weight:about 1,500 kg
Power voltage:AC 380 V
Material type:low carbon steel, etc
Material thickness: 1.5
Drum inner diameter:551
Drum height: less than 900


Steel drum manufacturing equipment sealing machine

Edging height: 18.5mm
Drum height: 894mm-905mm
Air pressure: 0.1Mpa
Hydraulic system pressure: 8Mpa
Total weight: 5T


Steel Drum Production Machine Leakage-testing Machine
External dimension:L = 2,500, W = 900, H = 1,300
Weight:about 1,170 kg
Power voltage:AC 380 V
Material type:low carbon steel, etc
Diameter of steel drum:500-620 mm

Steel Drum Machine