Off-Grid Solar Power System & Solar Water Pump System

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Off-Grid solar power system is one of the popular system in the world. AC to DC or DC to AC solar power system is available in our CSP SOLAR.

It’s main components are solar PV module, storage battery, controller and inverter,divided into: independent solar photovoltaic power generation system and on grid solar photovoltaic power generation system. It’s characteristics are high reliability, long service life, no pollution, and can independently generation (dg) in power system, has a broad development prospects.

Also, we can provide the Portable solar generator, solar kits,etc…


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Solar Water Pump System is very popular these years, It is mainly composed of photovoltaic pumping inverter and pumps. Specific applications, and then according to the requirements of different head and daily water with corresponding power of the solar cell array, collectively known as the photovoltaic pumping system.

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